Airport Parking & Transfers

Oakhurst Gatwick B&B must be one of the best value methods of airport parking at gatwick airport. We wait for your arrival to get you to the airport without any delay. Then on your return, we collect you from our private bus stops at Gatwick at Gatwick Airport and get you back to your car faster than any other airport carpark company.

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Oakhurst minibus No more waiting for a scheduled bus service as transfers to and from the airport are included in the price saving at least £14 each way.

We have a minibus which seats 8 passengers and loads of cases as well as a back-up estate car which we use during busy times.

Our knowledge of the airport is extensive and we have our own private area at the terminals, Bus Stop 9 at the North Terminal and Bus Stop 10 at South Terminal.

Oakhurst bed and breakfast and parking have been operating for 6 years and have an outstanding record of customer satisfaction.

Parking is in our private gardens within 3 minutes of Gatwick airport.

Cars are kept to the rear of the property on firm ground behind gates.

Transfers operate between 06:00 and 20:00 hrs.

Bed and breakfast rooms are at this location if required.

Keys will need to be left with us.

On your return just call us from customs then make your way without distraction to the appropriate bus stop. (we are not allowed to wait) North Terminal Stop 9 South Terminal Stop 10 and your return transfer transportation will turn up almost immediately, if not already waiting.

Minimum cost of 5 days.

call: 01293 882425 to book or contact us using the details on our contact page.